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  Il progetto “Mirror” è un progetto che sembrava dover essere finanziato dalla Regione Toscana ma del quale, nel corso dell’anno scolastico, non se ne è risaputo nulla.

 Trovandomi però a lavorare in orario pomeridiano nelle cosiddette “ore di approfondimento “ previste per gli istituti professionali, con una classe prima di alunni  sufficientemente motivati, abbiamo deciso, di comune accordo, di  dedicare il nostro tempo ad una attività che non fosse troppo noiosa e che nel contempo potesse contribuire ad arricchire gli alunni di quelle conoscenze e quindi competenze utili per il conseguimento di precisi obiettivi per quanto concerne l’acquisizione della lingua inglese.

Abbiamo pensato ad una trilogia che in qualche modo avesse a che fare con lo specchio e quindi:

Biancaneve:  Uno specchio che dice la verità in una fiaba di Biancaneve rivisitata in chiave moderna

Harry Potter: lo specchio dei desideri. Gli alunni hanno creato parodie di insegnanti idell’ Istituto stesso. ( E’ stato molto divertente)

Alice: la poesia è stata scritta utilizzando l’effetto “mirror” e quindi leggibile allo specchio   ( Da Vinci insegna) proprio a significare la difficile lettura di un’età adolescenziale nella quale tutto sembra di difficile comprensione.

Abbiamo denominato il progetto: 



1 - Different times….same mirrors


Characters: Whitedrop, Stepmother

I'm Whitedrop a beautiful top,

I'm alone,

The dwarfs aren't at home,

They are at work in the mine,

I'm happy and they are fine,

I'm dreaming of a Prince,

On a white horse.........of course!

Whitedrop’s Stepmother is  questioning the mirror:


Tell me mirror, tell me true

of all the ladies in the land

who is the fairest? Tell me who?


Whitedrop is fairer than you!!

Whitedrop meets her stepmother

(knock knock)


Come in!


Good morning dear Gertrud


Hello, my beloved daughter,  What a nice surprise!


How is daddy?


Very well. Sit down darling!


Thank you. I'm tired….


I am sure you are hungry  too. Why don’t you have this delicious apple!


No, thank you! I’ d prefer a cup of tea.

                                                                  -the end-  

2 - The Mirror of desires


My name’s Harry Potter, I’m eleven years old

I look for a stone that turns all into gold

I miss my parents, they are in my heart

But I live here, in a world far apart

He was a wizard and she was a witch

Look at the mirror! They are reflected in it!

But mirrors don’t give you any knowledge or truth,

They don’t show your future, here is the proof:

The happy man sees himself as he is in the glass,

It’s just the mirror of desires ! Tell the whole class!

NAME OF THE SCHOOL: “A. Pacinotti” Vocational School for Wizardry Devices

There are two courses:

Dental technicians: here the students learn how to make special dentures for wizards and witches and moreover a very special skill is taught : how to make canine teeth for vampires.

Mechanical engineers: the students learn how to make High- tech cauldrons, new steel wands, and satellite broomsticks.  


A day at school ( Dental technicians – Form 1)



Headmaster:                               Mr. HE

Headmaster’s Assistant:                   Mr. Grumble

Occult strengths                           Mr. Three

Broomstick riding                          Mr. Badthorn

Dental laboratory                         Miss. Cork

History of wizardry                         Mr. Taxus

Monsters’ anatomy                          Mrs. Dotty

Magic potions                                Mrs. Skinbone

Pacinotti law                                  Mr. Bleach

Obscure languages                          Mrs.Piggy

Mysterious calculations                    Mrs. Sharp

Dental Arts                                  Mrs. Helpme  

 List of Pupils

Miss Swot Ashley           Casalini Rubina

Miss Chains Willow         Farina Alice

Miss Papyrus Panny        Zannardi Jessica

Miss Vandom Will           Mattarozzi Federica

Miss Locks Kris              Aiello Efrem

Miss Sweety Ann           Sergi Anna

Miss Shy Sarah              Donati Sara

Miss Absent Samy         Tosi Samantha

Mr Cheeky Gim               Madonna Luigi

Mr Thinny Tommy          Pratici Thomas

Mr Danny Stress            Carlotti Danny  


Miss Cork’s Class

( Miss Cork is a very short teacher)

Miss Cork:  Morning……

Pupils: Good morning Miss Cork ( they lean forward to see her)

Miss Cork: Today I’m going to talk about canine teeth but very special ones, canines for vampires. Look… ( she draws a canine on the blackboard) they must be sharp and much longer than other teeth………..They must have a root canal to let blood pass through them.


Henry Potter: Je ,n’ai pas bougé madame….

Miss Cork :Sit down ..you ! By herself (no one can understand him) I mean Harry Potter, the boy sitting next to you.

Henry Potter: Je suis Henry Potter, je dis la vérité.Je vous assure madame… Je viens d’un pays qui s’appelle “la France” et j’ai traversé les Alpes pour fréquenter cette école de magie où personne ne me comprend…

Miss Cork : (What a strange language he speaks) Keep your mouth shut! (Mimicking)

Miss  Shy: Perhaps Mrs. Piggy could help him teacher……..

Miss Cork: Yes, of course!  By herself: I’m not so sure.. But now… tell me Miss Locks: how many canals has a canine got?

Miss Locks:  I believe two…… teacher………

Miss Cork: WRONG!!! Why don’t you study instead of chatting so much. What about you Potter?

Henry Potter: Un…..

Harry Potter: One….

Miss Cork: That’s correct and you Miss Chains always looking out of the window. Answer this question: how many canines have we got?

Miss Chains:  I think six…

Miss Cork: You think wrong……. but Miss Swot doesn’t think at all! She’s always looking at herself in her mirror! It won’t make you any prettier. Put it away!

Miss  Swot:  I am sorry… I was just counting my teeth to answer your question…..madam

Miss Sweety: I know the answer! We have got two  canines, four incisors, four premolars and six molars….

Miss Cork: So you are telling me that we have got 16 teeth…..

Miss Sweety: Yes madam……in each jaw of course.

Miss Cork: Don’t prompt Mr  Danny and now…. could you tell me why vampires have got longer canines….Miss….

Pupils: I know.. I know….To suck blood……

( The Bell Rings)

Pupils: At last……..

Miss Cork: I beg your pardon….

Pupils: Good bye Miss Cork, good bye

Miss Cork: See you soon.


Mrs. Skinbone’s class

(Mrs. Skinbone is coming , luckily she is a bit deaf)

Mrs. Skinbone: Sit down, be silent and pay attention to what I am going to teach you!

Miss  Shy: That’s too much all at once!                                   

Mrs. Skinbone: I beg your pardon?

Miss  Shy: (more loudly) I was wondering what your lesson is going to be about,  I am sure it will be very (boring) low interesting aloud

Mrs. Skinbone: I know you appreciate….. Well… today we are going to talk about a magic potion which can make fat people, like Mrs. Piggy and Mr. Taxus , lose weight and get thinner…..like me!!

Miss  Locks:To be thin! My dream………

Mrs. Skinbone: There are three steps:

First step -  Take a mirror and hang it on at the back of your front door: that way you can see what you look like every time you go out

Pupils : What nonsense!

Mrs. Skinbone: What did you say?

Miss  Swot: How interesting  this first rule is…..

Mrs. Skinbone: OK. Let’s carry on.

Second step: Stick a photo of yourself in which you look really fat and overweight  on the fridge door. That will stop you from opening it too often

Miss  Swot: A mirror on the door, a photo on the fridge.. what does she teach?

Mrs. Skinbone: Any questions Miss Swot?

Miss  Swot: I was just telling Sarah how useful this lesson is…

Mrs. Skinbone: Yes it is actually: and now our potion. Here are the ingredients: we need two legs of a twenty-year old frog, a viper’s tail, two bats’ wings, a goat’s canine, four leaves of a stinging nettle, five dogrose thorns and a quarter of a pound of algae from the Dead Sea which is very difficult to find

Pupils :Boh.. boh…. They pretend to vomit

Mrs. Skinbone: Any comment?

Miss Vandom: It sounds delicious, very tasty…..

Mrs. Skinbone: And so it is Miss Vandom!  And now let’s get on with our recipe! Cut the viper’s tail, the frog’s legs and the bats’ wings into very small pieces then add  the goat’s canine, after grinding it , of course! Put everything into a mixer and add the nettle leaves, the dogrose thorns previously salted, and last but not least the Dead Sea algae which give  our potion that special flavour…..( she closes her eyes as tasting and smelling it)

Miss  Vandom: Your potion you mean… boh, boh

Pupils: Boh, boh  How good it sounds………

Mrs. Skinbone: I know you’ll like it very much! Have a tea spoon of it three times a day you’ll get good results in just two weeks’!

Miss  Shy: How disgusting!

Mrs. Skinbone: Pardon Miss Shy?

Miss  Shy: That’s exactly what I was looking for………

Mrs. Skinbone: Don’t forget:  I am like this thanks to the potion ( the bell rings) and you……you won’t hate your mirror anymore!!!

Pupils: Poor us!!!

  Mrs. Sharp’s class

She enters carrying a heavy bag

Pupils: Good morning teacher

Mrs. Sharp: Morning..

Miss  Chains:I can’t stand her!

Miss Swot: Neither can I!

Mrs. Sharp: Put away that glass Miss Vandom! This subject requires your complete attention, not your mirrors!

Miss  Vandom: I apologize Mrs. Sharp! (I really hate her!)

Mrs. Sharp: Have you done your homework, Miss  Shy?

Miss  Shy: I’m afraid; ….I couldn’t… my grandfather died and…..

Mrs. Sharp: That isn’t a good reason… you have to do it everyday

Miss  Shy: Yes, of course, I won’t forget that Mrs. Sharp.

Mrs. Sharp: I hope not! And what about you Mr. Potter?

Henry Potter: Je suis désolé madame mais je n’ai pas pu faire mon devoir parce que ma mère est allée à l’hôpital ………..

Mrs. Sharp: ( I can’t understand him) Not you!! I mean Harry Potter….

Harry Potter: I’ m sorry madam, last night I really hurt myself, I fell down the stairs and broke… as you ……..

Mrs. Sharp: I don’t believe a single word Mr. Potter. What I do know for sure is that you spent all afternoon riding that horrible broomstick Mr Badthorn gave you!!

Harry Potter: No, really, I promise. I did my......

Mrs. Sharp: And you Miss Swot, show me your homework! Where is it?

Miss  Swot: (coughing) I actually wanted to…but…. my neighbour next door…. you know…..the witch…asked me to take her to the cemetery to visit her beloved husband Wiz the Wizardwe came back at midnight… and because of that.. I…..

Mrs. Sharp: You had no time to do your homework! I understand…Naughty girl I bet you played all afternoon with that wretched wand! Listen to me.. all of you: I am going to tell Mr. HE  and now write down your homework for the next lesson: Could you please calculate the length of a one legged frog’s jump, considering that he is one hundred years old and lives in a two meters’ deep muddy pond?


The bell rings

Pupils: At last…….

Mrs. Sharp: Pardon……

Pupils: This equation is very difficult but we’ll try our best…

Mrs. Sharp: I am sure you’ll try……


 Mr. Taxus’s class

Mr Taxus is a very fat teacher. Today he is late as usual. The classroom is in a mess. He enters at last….

Mr. Taxus: Good morning

No one answers because all the pupils are chatting

Mr. Taxus: Good morning, I said!

Pupils: Ohhh……. good morning teacher!

(Mr. Taxus is arranging all his things on the desk very slowly, he gets out his pen and signs the register while the pupils carry on chatting)

Mr. Taxus: Be silent, please! And now…. If you will let me….I would like to start our lesson. When I was a young child…. ( he coughs)

Miss  Shy: A hundred years ago ………in the Middle Ages…..

Mr.Cheecky: And almost two hundred pounds ago………

Mr. Taxus: This school was attended by students who became very famous wizards ( he coughs again)

Miss  Chains: That means he was the only one who didn’t become successful……..

Mr. Taxus One of them, Wiz the Wizard, invented something very special that helped to change people’s habits in our century

Miss  Locks: I am really very curious Sir…..

Mr. Taxus:I always keep some of this substance at home, in my cupboard, in every drawer, on my night table, in my suitcase and in my pockets too

Miss  Papirus: What could it be?

Mr. Taxus: Alright ……alright …..it’s a kind of chocolate called NUTRILIA ( he writes NUTRILIA on the board). But listen what happens the more you eat, the more it grows larger in the jar.

Miss Shy: Now I understand the reason why………

Mr. Taxus: But …if it’s possible……… what is even more extraordinary is that even if you have Nutrilia for breakfast, lunch, dinner and at tea time, you won’t put on a quarter of a pound of weight

( pupils laugh)

Miss Shy: We have the living proof in front of us!!

Mr. Taxus: Look at me! ( he gets out a jar of Nutrilia  and a tea spoon from his pocket and starts eating spoon after spoon, eyes closed as in a dream…………..)  excellent…….wonderful……. fantastic ……….unbelievable………great… and as you can see, this magic Nutrilia is growing in the jar and my weight is always the same………

Miss Vandom: Hasn’t he got any mirrors at home?

Mr. Taxus: And now………. Who can tell me the name of the wizard who invented Nutrilia? What about you Miss Chains…..?

Miss Chains: I …actually … perhaps ….( somebody prompts her) Tax the Taxus Sir………

The bell luckely rings

Mr. Taxus: What? What did you say? Next time it will be a day to remember for all of you …..

                                        The end           


 3 - Alice in Wonderland

  ( allo specchio)

  My name is Alice

      And I am from a land

        Which is called Wonderland

              I live in a dream

                  Among kings and queens

                      Where flowers sing

                      And it’s always spring,

                               Where cups talk

                                  And worms smoke

                              Look: the rabbit hurries up

                                   Who comes and goes?

                                      It’s the cat!

                                         And the Madhatter?   

                                             He is having tea                                            With bread and butter

                       We want to live in that beautiful land

That someone says:

it must beSwitzerland

But look at the mirror:

everything’s upside down

Don’t worry,

it’s better to live in our town


The end

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